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The Coffee House Signature By Bo Design & Construction. –  · Photography by The Coffee House. Bo Design & Construction have recently completed The Coffee House Signature, the flagship store of The Coffee House, one of the most popular coffee chains in Vietnam.. Photography by The Coffee House

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Building terminology PDF GLOSSARY of Construction Terms – – GLOSSARY of Construction Terms Air Condtioning Condenser – The outside fan unit of the Air Conditioning system. It removes the heat from the freon gas and "turns" the gas back into a liquid and pumps the liquid back to the coil in the furnace. A/C Disconnect – The main electrical ON -OFF switch near the A/C Condenser.

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Construction Dictionary – Construction Business Directory – Construction Dictionary: A comprehensive glossary of construction terms and building industry terminology listed in alphabetical order.. A surface divider joint designed to allow free movement between new and existing construction or between different materials.

New Home Build How Much Does It Cost to Build a House? – ThoughtCo – Use these handy tips to estimate building costs for your new home – the tricks to saving money when you build. Don’t be blindsided by hidden expenses. Use these handy tips to estimate building costs for your new home – the tricks to saving money when you build.. So, How Much Will Your New.

Tips for Individual House Construction | ANPCPMC – This write up is for all those who want to construct their residence/home. Let us assume that you have a plot of land and you have decided to build a house.

PDF 5 Glossary of Terms – – Building Materials and Construction Techniques This subject is also addressed in Historic Materials and Construction Techniques, where basic definitions of materials and construction techniques are explained. There are, however, some technical terms associated with this subject that need further clarification. Heavy Timber Frame Construction bent