Bridge Term Definitions

A term used in all types of bridge to describe various premiums given under the scoring rules to sides or partnerships who accomplish specified aims. In rubber bridge, bonuses are awarded for the winning of the rubber by scoring two games before the opponents have scored two games.

Understanding DSLR vs. Mirrorless Cameras snapping- The breaking (of a bridge) caused by tension. The bridge is pulled apart. span- The distance a bridge crosses. This can also have the same meaning as the bridge deck. substructure- The lower structures of a bridge. pier- A structure that transfers loads to foundations and holds up a bridge. abutment- The top of a pier.

Bridge The form of bridge where the same deal is played by a number of players. Each of the four hands are put in a board or wallet which is passed from table to table. Each board is scored in its own right and the objective is to make a higher score on the deal than others who played it.

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Definition – What does Bridge mean? A bridge is a type of computer network device that provides interconnection with other bridge networks that use the same protocol. Bridge devices work at the data link layer of the Open System Interconnect (OSI) model, connecting two different networks together and providing communication between them.

This term refers to their ability to "stop" the opponents from running their suit if you declare a notrump contract. Controls — holdings that will take the first or second trick if a suit is led. A first-round control is an ace (or a void, for trump contracts); a second-round control is a king or singleton.

Bridge: Any structure over, on, or in navigable waters of the United States used for transporting persons, vehicles, commodities or other physical matter and providing for the passage or flow of water through or under the structure. a. The term "bridge" includes all integral bridge elements: approaches and appurtenances,

Bridge Load Definition define load. load synonyms, load pronunciation, load translation, English dictionary definition of load. a burden or cargo Not to be confused with: lode – an ore deposit n.. dead load – a constant load on a structure (e.g. a bridge) due to the weight of the supported structure itself. live.Bridged Definition Definitions for bridged bridged. However, while the finalization of the negotiations appears certainly within reach, there is still some distance, small compared with the long way we have already gone, which needs to be bridged. The reality is that there is a divide between the police and some people in communities that need us most,Bridge Loan To Buy New House The borrower may buy back 1% of the reality by paying the Corporation Fifteen. Gunpowder offers debt financing, including mezzanine and bridge loans, equity financing and advisory services.What Is A Gap Note Interest Rates On Short Term Loans Short-term loans in South Africa | TrustyLoans – What you Need to Know Before getting a short-term loan. short term loans typically carry a higher interest rate than personal loans.More importantly it is the large banks that offer the lowest interest rates and consumers should always consider these lenders before turning to. · Note. A word of caution while using gap grading is that, sometimes it may lead to segregation and may even alter the anticipated workability. Therefore tests must be conducted before adopting this gradation.